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Social Scientists

Birth Of Social Scientists And Their Influence On Society

Birth Of Social Scientists And Their Influence On SocietyWhat is social science? This is a branch of science that covers aspects like the working of a human society and the interpersonal relationships that thrive within the members of the society. Auguste Comte was the first to coin the term ‘social science’ in the 19th century.

The history of social sciences goes back to the Age of Enlightenment which witnessed a revolution in natural philosophy. Wilhelm Wundt is considered the Father of Psychology while David Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx are the fathers of Sociology. Other renowned names associated with this field include the likes of Max Weber, William Du Bois, Leon Festinger and James Carlsmith.

Areas of Social Science

Some of the disciplines within the social sciences include development studies, civics, economics and demography. In addition to this, this area includes anthropology, psychology, political science, geography, law and sociology, to name a few. It is no surprise if you come across social work, sustainable development, political science and linguistics to be part of this wide spectrum of study.

At any point of time, you will not see these branches stand by themselves, rather they merge with few other disciplines to come up with a new field of work. For instance, communication studies incorporates aspects of both social science and humanities.

Need for social science

This multidisciplinary branch sees its importance in the field of education, law, health and even beyond them. Others include:

Safety concerns- A group of psychologists studied the safety aspects in a factory and made an observation. Having a safety regime or a rulebook will not work to make the workplace safe. It is only when the workers identify or relate to the unsafe practices and mark them as unacceptable that a workplace is considered safe to work.

This safety concern can be extended to social activities like crowd management. When you are in a football match or you want to take a sneak peek at your favorite singer, those responsible for law and order are trained to ensure no trouble rises on the venue.

Public intellectuals- In an ever-changing world, a social scientist is looked upon as a public intellectual. This does not mean endless hours of debate or views on environmental issues. It is the duty of every social scientist to make their work engaging to the public. It includes creating an interactive platform where all the representatives of each discipline gather for a conference, and integrate their views and knowledge to culminate in a single point of interest.

Make the world a better place-Any political debate or a Bill passed is intended to achieve a common goal- to ensure that you lead a dignified life. Several social scientists work in unison with government institutions, funding agencies and even the media, donning the role of a planner, teacher and a strategist.

For example, a group of sociologists found that new rules provided chances for women to work as a laborer. This was unheard of before, and reduced the risk of hazardous work and hunger. On the flip side, all the obstacles like sexual harassment and improper pay was identified by the social scientists. They worked to protect women’s rights by coming up with creative solutions to the existing problems.

Offers new outlook on existing ideas- Social science offers each of you a better understanding on concepts like feminism, social issues, peace and much more. Few sociologists worked with a popular art gallery to enable local visitors to involve themselves by taking part in exhibitions on topics like gay rights.

To start off, programs included art workshops, talks and social activities that saw a large participation by the public.

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5 Ways How Social Scientists Are Making The World A Better Place

Social Scientists

A social scientist is someone who studies in-depth about humans and the individual relationships that thrive in the society. Are they important for the growth of the society, and if yes, what are the reasons.

Helps perceive a great future- In the early nineteenth century, social science was instrumental in helping people understand the applications of latest inventions like steam power and the likes. Later, during the 20th century, this term covered a large spectrum of disciplines like linguistics, media studies and study of human behavior.

With the introduction of railways for transportation and factories for business, they streamlined lives of people. Today, when you look at the scope of nanotechnology and the medical advances, it has played a major role in improving lives and securing the future.

Social scientists will question legal and ethical issues that surround these inventions and their contribution towards the betterment of human life. This way, you can make well-informed decisions that will help shape the future.

Manage your finance- In addition to looking at the future, a sociologist transforms as an economist and extends their role to that of a psychologist. Picture this scenario. If you are concerned about the additional charges levied on you when you withdraw money from cash machine, sociologists will evaluate the present economic crisis and help make important decisions.

They empower you to think and decide on your own. The social science of finances is a multidisciplinary team of scholars who work together to understand the political and technical issues that help shape the modern day practice of finance.

Better standards of healthcare- A social scientist takes on a number of roles ranging from a public health expert to looking into matters of public concern. Several social geographers are of the opinion that an individual’s eating habits are largely influenced by external factors.

When you shop for groceries in a supermarket, the decision to buy a particular food product is based on your family’s preferences. When you know that your kids will not eat broccoli, you will not spend money on it. You cannot hand a booklet on nutritional facts and expect everyone to follow them.

Social scientists help in customizing the advice to suit individual dietary needs.

Keeps the neighborhood safe- Yes. There are policemen to do that. A recent study showed that if sociologists worked in tandem with the local police, crime rate would be reduced drastically.

Wondering how this is accomplished? Social scientists used a method called situational crime prevention to identify crime patterns. It was noticed that lead was stolen from the roofs of buildings. Local scrap dealers were educated about the incidences of theft and they were asked to maintain records. The crime rate dropped significantly as it was risky to buy stolen lead.

Improves children’s lives- Any country or nation works to provide the best education for children. This is done without looking at what exactly the children need. Several parents were concerned about how their child enjoyed learning rather than seeing them score grades. They talk to the young ones, listen to them and finally present their views in a logical format.

From an anthropologist, an economic expert to a penologist, the world would not have been the same if there was no intervention by these social scientists.

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